iOption is an attractive option for  binary traders, as it can give about 60-70 percent of  payouts while trading. The dedicated team is available whenever required and provides unique options to help you trade with an edge, not to forget the simplicity and ease they offer during your trading experience. This platform helps not only the new and naïve, but also the experienced traders with their plethora of interesting features.

There is no need for any software download to use the iOption binary trading platform. There are interactive demos as well as videos available for investors and traders to understand each step properly, which minimizes the scope of any mistake or confusion. In addition to the demos, iOption provides educational materials concerning binary options trade.

Also, there are interesting features like rollover options and the option builder. The former option acts as a stop loss toll, as it can raise or increase the expiry time and later help the trader to decide their own profitability and also the refund percentage from a particular asset. iOption has definitely gained in popularity over the last few years due to the ease it provides to its customers through its amalgamation of interesting tools and beneficial options.

iOption Demo account

There are 4 main steps involved in a demo trade. It starts with a simple registration followed by funds deposit. It is advised to start with a nominal fund to understand the trading process well. Thereafter, one can start the trade and the only thing left is to decide on the expiry. Once the expiry is set, results are constantly displayed on the same page, usually in one of the corners.

iOption Minimum deposit

Once the account is validated, a deposit or withdrawal is allowed. A trader needs to deposit a minimum of $200 to commence a trade. In the authentication process, one needs to send a proof of address, a photo ID, and a copy of a credit card, if the latter is used during transactions. The credit card copy should have both the front and the back print of the card.

iOption Scams

iOption has a dedicated and professional team helping traders in all aspects while trading. It provides simple yet advanced technology to its customers. There are no scams associated with it and therefore one can form the conclusion that it is a reliable option for trading. However, keeping in mind the minimum deposit, it becomes important to make a further check before plunging in head first.

iOption Complaints

There have been hardly any complaints from customers using the iOption binary options trading platform. Though, a few comments were found from one upset customer but to reach any strong conclusion based on that alone would be foolhardy. In order to write off a binary options trading broker totally, one has to find more negative feedback on various online platforms like forums, blogs etc. And, keeping this is mind there is hardly anything against iOptions, making it a safe and reliable place to trade.

iOption Withdrawal

iOption allows customers to make one withdrawal transaction per month, free of any charge. Additional withdrawal charges are a fee of $30. There are a few documents one needs to submit in order to make a withdrawal. It takes about 12-15 days for withdrawal, and funds are returned using the same method as the deposit.

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