The binary options trading arena is a relatively new entity and OptionFair is leading the way with its offering. OptionFair is not just another binary options broker – they’re among the most creative of brokers in this arena.
The first thing you will notice when visiting OptionFair.com is the attractive and user-friendly website design. With a sharp contrast of colors and large fonts, the site is very inviting. What draws you in immediately is the large Web-based trading platform offered by OptionFair and a noticeable list of the Forex market’s primary currency pairs. Once you’ve solidified your trading strategy you can easily press the enlarged plus or minus signs to place your order.
The minimum deposit for first time depositors is $250, which can be deposited in USD, EUR and GBP.  The minimum for secondary deposits is $200.
The trading platform is displayed in columns with the following information available:
– Asset: The particular currency or commodity
– Current Price: A dynamic number displaying the current rate
– High/Low: The options available for opening a trade
– Return: The profit in percentage upon “winning” the trade
– Expires: The time/date upon which the trade expires
– Status: The remaining time before the expiration of the trade
When placing a trade, you can simply click the plus or minus button, at which point another box opens on top asking you the amount you want to invest. Once you’ve entered your position with the very obvious buttons, the open trade appears on the right side of the platform with all the necessary details of that trade. You also see a nice graph depicting the current status of your open trade. You can also choose to close the window with the graph by pressing the little arrow in the top right corner.
In addition to standard binary options trading, OptionFair also offers two alternate trading styles, each of which is showcased in its own tab on the site.  The first tab is called OneTouch, which is a relatively simple concept. Instead of selecting whether the asset will go up or down, you select whether you think the asset will reach a specific target price. You can choose the up arrow, which means the target price will be reached, or the down arrow meaning that the target will not be reached before the stated expiration of the trade. The trade can be set quickly and easily, just as a standard binary options trade is.
Another additional tab offered by OptionFair is called Boundary. In this tab, you simply select whether the asset will exit the range defined in the trade. If you think it will go lower than the low part of the range or higher than the high part, you select the Out button. If you think the asset will remain within the range, you simply press the In button. As with OneTouch, the rest of the process mimics the standard binary options trading platform.
On the top of the trading platform, there are a few dropdown menus from which traders can choose. You can select to trade Forex or commodities, as well as what currency or commodity specifically, and you can also filter out trades based on their expiry. If you want to open a trade that will expire at the end of the hour, day, or week, OptionFair offers this flexibility.
The OptionFair website has 3 top tabs, making it possible for traders to find everything they need all in one place.  The tabs are labeled Trade, My Account, and FAQ. The Trade tab is the platform, the My Account tab is where you can view details about your account, such as current balance, bonuses you have accumulated, total current investments still open, and the total value of your account. You can then drill down deeper into your account with tabs for open trades, trade history, your profile, and the ability to change your password.
Lastly, the FAQ section is an informative yet basic compilation of questions from “What is a Binary Option” to “How do I deposit funds?” Generally speaking, OptionFair is moderately flexible when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds, although with no Paypal and a withdrawal fee after one daily withdrawal, there is room for improvement.

In terms of the OptionFair customer support, there are many options available to the trader. You can call one of multiple numbers, email their support team, or make use of the live chat, which I found to be convenient and extremely professional.
I did discover some issues with their trading manual, specifically in regard to depositing funds. The trading manual sent me to the banking document, which when I clicked on Initial deposit, sent me back to the trading manual. I found the information I was looking for, but felt that the section needs some smoothing over.
In reality, I am nitpicking because OptionFair has done a great job with their trading platform, website design, and overall service. With all the various trading options available to the trader, I have no doubt that OptionFair is well on its way to becoming a leader in binary options trading.

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